Verizon iPhone 4, No more unlimited data.

With all of the iPhone 4 hype going on, I decided to go around the internet and check out if anything involving an arrival on the Verizon network had popped up anywhere.  Well apparently the rumors are more certain than ever this time around that Verizon will have the new iPhone by the end of this year or before June of 2011. This was great news, but it came with a bad side note.

Verizon will be doing away with the unlimited data plans they have now.

Right now, I’m sporting the Motorola Droid from Verizon.  Because I’m paying the $30/month unlimited data plan, I make sure that I’m getting my money’s worth.  I’m always streaming YouTube, browsing Facebook, sending e-Mail, using the GPS feature (which I believe has to download map data while you’re driving), along with using many different apps that require data.  With the new 4G network that Verizon is working on, they want to do away with the unlimited plans and go by a “pay for what you use” system.  They claim that this allows people who use less data will pay less money per month.

To me, this makes no sense. If you have a smartphone, why the hell wouldn’t you be using a good amount of data?

Once this happens, I’m almost certain that every person who has a smartphone will be hesitant on doing anything with it, to the point where they won’t need them anymore and will start returning them for regular cell phones.  The whole idea behind the smartphone was to be able to turn it on and get access to anything you want. The unlimited data plan was the comfort blanket behind that, knowing that no matter what you pull from your phone, you’re only paying the flat rate and nothing more.  People aren’t going to want to use them and find that they have a bill that cost more than $30 for data in a month.

They can keep installing this brand new 4G network, but it’s not going to get much use if they stay on track with eliminating the unlimited data plan.

So much for me wanting the new iPhone.


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