Rank 4th of July as the third most boring holiday.

In my list of most boring holidays, 4th of July ranks at number 3.  However it could have great potential if the laws in Pennsylvania did not prohibit good fireworks. No matter how flashy your firework stands look, we all know that all that can be sold in PA are stupid little fountains, smoke balls, stuff that makes really loud noises, flashy white things that burn your eyes from the inside out, and the white balls that you throw and pop on the ground. Boring.

Now I’m sure many others would disagree with me, as the Fourth of July, like any Phillies game, is just another excuse to get completely wasted. Not exactly my idea of fun but I’m sure it is for a lot of other people.  The only plus side to July 4th is that it’s during the summer, so you can swim and have a barbeque (which makes it slightly better than Easter).

But even so, with that, in PA all you can legally do is swim, eat, and light crappy little fireworks in the street while being attacked to death by mosquitos. Oh, and I think everyone else in the world knows someone who goes and buys real good fireworks except for me. And whenever I go and try to track down where they’re lighting off good fireworks, I can’t.

However, at least the holiday is meant to celebrate something meaningful, unlike New Years. What a waste that is.  I’ll get to that later.


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