Netflix price increase sparks political, celebrity response; also instills fear in US Citizens


Netflix raises prices by up to 60% for both new and existing customers.

WASHINGTON (CP) – It is a day that will live in infamy.  On July 12, Netflix sent a notice out to it’s customers about a change in their pricing policies.  And customers are not happy.

Netflix has decided to withdrawal the Instant Streaming service from their DVD-by-Mail packages, requiring customers to purchase two separate plans instead of the one bundled plan it has offered since it started offering streaming video in 2007.  Before the increase, customers were able to subcribe to a “1-Disc” plan, and instant streaming, for $9.99 a month.  With the new plan, the streaming will cost $7.99 a month, and the price for just 1-Disc per month will also cost $7.99, totaling $15.98/mo for what customers are currently paying $9.99.  Customers are taking this as Netflix suggesting that what they are paying now is worth 60% more tomorrow.

Much frustration was voiced by means of Social Networking platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter).  As of 10:40pm on July 18th, there were a total of 78,112 comments on Netflix’s Facebook page, with many customers publicly making known their gripes about the new pricing model.

 They said it won’t go into effect until September 1st, so let’s cancel on September 2nd and show ’em who’s boss! -Anonymous Facebooker

 This is total bs… The new separate billing for something that already existed and people were happy with just got ruined.  In September I am cancelling this…and I will just Red Box this (expletive) -Another Anonymous Facebooker

 Everyone hates Netflix now.  I told someone at work I was going to watch a movie on Netflix tonight, and they asked me while I still use Netflix after they just (expletive) everyone over.  I told them don’t worry, I will cancel before my next bill. -Yet Another Anonymous Facebooker

The uproar of complaints and cancellation threats has made it’s way into politics.  British Actor Alan Rickman, best known for his roles as Hans Gruber in Die Hard, and as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter film series, has voiced his opposition to the pricing increase at a rally in Washington DC.

Alan Rickman speaks at a rally in Washington D.C.

“Everyone in America is facing economic hardships.  Living day by day is difficult enough as it is.  And our escape from everyday life comes through the medium of entertainment.  Box office prices are at an all-time high.  If in-home entertainment keeps rising in prices, it will bring utter catastrophe to this nation and it’s citizens.  This has brought me to my decision that I am going to run for the position of President of the United States in 2012.”

Alan Rickman, being British born, is clearly inelligible for the US Presidency, however for some reason the United States government has allowed him to run for the office, sparking much controversy in the general public.

 Dude’s a wizard, I’m telling you.  Probably used some sort of, confunalumdumnus spell or something.  But that would be SICK! -O.J. Sampson, School Bus Driver

Twitter is now buzzing about that his role as Severus Snape was by far, not a fluke.  Rumors are widespread that Alan Rickman, is indeed, a wizard.

It’s awesome, but at the same time, it’s really scary.  If he can control the governments’ mind, whose to say he’s not going to take over ours? -Harold Derp, frightened citizen

U.S. President Barack Obama just recently addressed the nation, saying

Barack Obama addresses the nation.

Barack Obama addresses the nation on Friday, July 15.

“I understand that the rumors have become more widespread, and that people of this great nation are now in fear.  But there’s nothing to worry about.  There’s no such thing as mind contr–… My Fellow Americans, I officially withdraw my re-election campaign, and fully endorse Mr. Rickman for the 2012 Presidency.”

There has been no official statement in regards to the President’s gaffe, but many suspect that the wizard rumors are true, and that Alan Rickman is behind this.  However, recent polls have shown that 46% of citizens are willing to put the rumors aside, as long as Netflix’s pricing plans return to their original rates.

Mr. Rickman was unable to be reached for comment.


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