My Top 20 Zune “Played Count” List

I was perusing through my music collection and I decided to go ahead and make a list of the 20 songs I’ve listened to the most. Don’t ask why, I’m just really bored. And to be quite honest, I’m surprised by the results. Only three Eiffel 65 songs are up there, sort of. Anyway, here we go.

20. Van Halen – Jump

Probably my favorite song by Van Halen. Gotta love the synth! It’s a really good combination of rock and keyboards in my opinion. Love it ❤

19. Sean Kingston – Fire Burning

I really have to say I enjoy Sean Kingston’s music. Glad to say that this song seems to be an original and not a sample like some of his other songs, but even so, it’s a good beat and its pretty dance-able, and it’s not pure-rap.

18. “S-Club 7” – Reach (Eiffel 65 Remix)

Not going to lie, this song is really gay. To be honest, I didn’t even think I listened to it all that much. But, nevertheless, it is a remix by Eiffel 65. Definitely not one of my more liked ones, though. They have plenty better mixes out there.

17. Eiffel 65 – Non é Per Sempre

If you can deal with the Italian language, it’s a really really good song. Even though it’s lower on the played count, definitely my favorite song by Eiffel 65. It’s really fast, very danceable, and when I heard it, I thought it sounded like something Daft Punk would do. I highly recommend everyone take a listen, that is, if you don’t mind not understanding any of the words.

16. Aqua – Freaky Friday (Eiffel 65 Remix)

I actually heard the song “Freaky Friday” on Aqua’s album Aquarius before I heard the remixed version, and the original was good too. However, when I had found this remixed version, I didn’t find myself listening to the original after that, as I absolutely love this remix. Eiffel 65 did a number of remixes but this by far is my favorite of their remixes. Any Eiffel song that fits a piano tune into a song just sounds awesome, in my opinion.

15. Pogo – Toyz Noize

Someone posted a link up on Facebook to this video, and I found it to be really catchy. Most of it is indecipherable because the entire song is made up of bits and pieces of voices and sounds from the movie "Toy Story.” If you haven’t listened to this and you’re a big fan of Toy Story, definitely take the time to listen to it. They also have one for “Up,” which is also a very good remix.

14. Katamari Forever – Fuga #9999

I don’t know why that’s up there. It’s the song that plays when you’re talking to the Robo-King in Katamari Forever (PS3)

13. David Bowie – Everyone Says Hi (Metro Mix)

This song can instantly calm me down, and if you listened to it, I’m sure you could understand how. It’s a very relaxing techno remix of the original version. It’s not too slow paced and the synth beats used in it aren’t overdone. This song was also in the video game Amplitude (PS2) which brings back memories of playing it at Jim Lorino’s house. ❤

12. Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Monsieur Adi Remix)

I had actually heard this song on the radio while I was waiting for my grandmom to come out of the grocery store. It was on one of those student broadcast stations, I forget which school it was. But I had heard this and I was like “Woah, this awesome!” So I took out my handy dandy Droid and used “Shazam” to identify the song and damn it all it got it right. I’m very happy it did otherwise I would have spent a lot of time searching for it. It has a lot of synth in it, but it’s not something that will kill your ears. It’s heavy but at the same time, relaxing, if that makes sense?

11. Flogging Molly – Tobacco Island

I’m just going to put this out there. Anything by Flogging Molly is just amazing for the sole reason that it’s Flogging Molly. Everyone should listen to every song they have. Right now.

10. Katy Perry – California Gurls

There are very few “new” songs that I like these days, but for some reason I find this song very catchy. Could do without Snoop Dogg, but the only ones you can find online are the ones with him. They play a version on Sirius/XM without Snoop and with some altered lyrics that I should really try and record when it comes on next.

9. Justin Bieber ft. Sean Kingston – Eenie Meenie

The lyrics are meh, but the song in itself is catchy. Could do without Justin Bieber, though. Would be a better song if it were just Sean Kingston singing.

8. Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart

Another example of a newer song that I find to be catchy. I don’t really consider it to be too much of a rap song only because the lyrics are sung most of the time, and the beat is pretty electronic so that’s an automatic plus for me.

7. Eiffel 65 – Crazy

Honestly, there’s nothing really that special about this song, but it’s always been one of my absolute favorites. I tend to listen to this song a lot when I drive. For some reason it just fits.

6. The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger

I remember hearing this song in the trailer for “Run Fatboy Run” but I didn’t hear it again since then until some of the newer beer commercials and then in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Unfortunately it is the goal song for the Chicago Blackhawks, so every time I hear it, I think of them beating the Flyers… Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty sweet song.

5. The Gregory Brothers – Auto Tune The News #6

If you haven’t seen Auto-Tune the news, or if you have, number 6 is the best one to watch/listen to. It was actually the first one I happened to find, and I couldn’t stop listening to it. Go check it out on YouTube. Right now. I’ll wait.

4. The Gregory Brothers – Double Rainbow

This one is an auto-tuned/remixed song of the “Double Rainbow” video on YouTube, which in itself is really funny. Go watch both. I’ll wait again.

3. Chris Brown – Forever

I’m not a fan of Chris Brown, but I really love this song. Similar to Break Your Heart, I like this song because most if not all of the lyrics are being sung, and you can actually understand what he’s saying. The beat is nice and electronic and not over-done. I started listening to this after I saw it on The Office, “Niagara” (the wedding episode). Later I had found this was a parody of an actual video on YouTube where they had come out dancing during a wedding to this song.

2. Billy Joel – Allentown

I do love my share of older music. This one’s actually kind of mellow, definitely opposite of the songs I usually listen to. But come on, it’s Billy Joel, what’s not to like?

1. The Gregory Brothers ft. Alexa – Real Talk

I believe this was one of their lesser-viewed videos that I came across by accident. Main reason I listen to this song so much: Awesome Synth Bass track, at least I sure think so. I’m a sucker for anything bass-heavy. The singing/auto-tuning is really good, too. The song in itself doesn’t really make much sense, but oh well, I don’t make much sense.

And that about does it. Now you can truly see how gay the music I listen to is (that is if you didn’t know/assume that already. Smile


Applesauce Sandwiches and Sexting: A recipe for disaster.

We have a serious problem with society today. Too many pedophiles are “Sexting” young children. It’s such a problem that you hear about it more and more on the evening news and in the morning paper.

What makes it even more dangerous is that these pedophiles are finding new ways to lure kids into the sexting process. What are they doing, you ask?

Offering Applesauce sandwiches.

As we all know, Applesauce is a nice processed fruity delight, and sandwiches are just the epitome of lunchtime food stuffs. Combine the two ingredients and what do you have? A recipe for disaster.

He was really friendly and everything, but I wasn’t interested at all. I just wanted the applesauce sandwich he promised. -Heffrey Jall

For years, attempts on young children were made by offering them candy and luring them into their vehicle. However, with advancements in technology, there are always equal advancements in crime.

I didn’t know who he was, or how he got my number, but all he said was that he would give me an applesauce sandwich if I sent him pictures of me, two sandwiches if he really liked them. -Son Jalamak

The real scary part of this is that we aren’t sure of the sexter’s motives. Do they really intend to give these kids applesauce sandwiches? Or are they just open-ended promises that go unfulfilled? In one instance, they made good on their promise…or so he thought?

The son of a b**ch pulled a fast one on me. He gave me Musselman’s. Who the hell eats that? Give me Mott’s like the rest of the world. -Gawn Shamble

One thing is for certain: as long as applesauce and sandwiches exist on this planet, our children may be in danger.

From what it seems, for $99, Apple’s MobileMe does a lot of what Google’s Android OS does for free.

Over the past few days, I’ve been looking into a lot of things pertaining the iPhone 4. What I never really took the time to look into was Apple’s MobileMe subscription service. I had seen it from time to time on my Macintosh computers in the form of “iDisk,” “iWeb” but that’s just about it.  Well after reading into it, it seems like it does a lot of what Google’s Android OS does out of the box.


I’ll start off with the features that come with MobileMe that are not included with Android OS.

  • iDisk – 20GB of online storage space for all of your files. You can upload or download files from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or any Mac and PC computer.  You can also upload any files no matter what size they are and send them to anyone you wish.
  • Find My iPhone – You can locate your iPhone or iPad on a map, display a message, or even wipe all of the data remotely.

Now here are some of MobileMe’s features that are almost identical to that in Android OS.

  • imageCalendar, Contact, and e-Mail synchronization via Push technology.
    • With a account (free), Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and GMail are automatically synched to your Android device(s) that are linked to the same GMail account.
  • Gallery – Share photos and videos from anywhere with the MobileMe Gallery.
    • Photos can be uploaded from Android phones to Google’s Picasa service, however Videos can only be uploaded from either a Mac or PC, and .3gp files are not supported.  They can, however, be uploaded to YouTube.

Here’s one that is kind of on the fence with being similar.

  • – Access everything that MobileMe has to offer from one web page. You can browse your iDisk, eMail, Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, and the “Find my iPhone” feature.
    • Although they’re not all together on one page, the features that come free with Android (Photos, Calendar, Contacts, email) can all be accessed off of, it just takes a bit of extra work trying to find them all.

Free alternative to “Find my iPhone” – MobileDefense. It’s a free application from the Android Market, sign up on the MobileDefense website, and you can track your Android phone on a map, as well as lock the device and sound an alarm with an optional message.  It’s not as discrete as Find my iPhone as it sends the Android phone a text message when you log onto the website from “noreply@mobiledefense”. This could tip off someone if your device were indeed stolen, but it’s free.

If I were to get an iPhone, which I would love to have if Verizon someday carries it and the antenna issue is fixed, I would love to have Calendar, Contacts, and Email synched to my device and desktop as I do now with Android.  However, 20gb of online storage from my devices aren’t that important to me, and I can use a free alternative to Find my iPhone.  It’s convenient that the stored files can be accessed on all of the devices, however it seems that that would be the only real feature that is different from Android’s included services, but for an extra $99/year. Currently, I use Windows SkyDrive for 25gb of online storage, however there is a limit cap for uploads.

Google could really improve their free services to compete with MobileMe.  For one, they should allow .3gp video files to be uploaded to their Picasa service, and also make it so they can be uploaded from an Android device instead of only a Mac or PC.  What would really be nice if they had a simplified design for Android users that had links to their email, Calendar, Contacts, etc as MobileMe does with  Right now, they’re all scattered amongst and can be a little difficult to find.

What I really wish Apple would do is have options for MobileMe to include some of the features or not, and offer some of it for free.  As I said, the only real feature I can’t get is the iDisk, and I don’t find spending $99/year just to get online storage justifiable when I can get all of the other features for free with Android.  At least offer Contact and Calendar synching for free. Whenever I make changes on Google Calendar on my Android device or, it’s instantly changed on the other end, which is really convenient. Also, all of my contacts are stored to my Google account, so if I ever have to wipe my Android device, my contacts are instantly added back to my phone when I set it back up with my account.

That’s all I have to say on this matter. For those who took the time and read this, God bless you.

Rank 4th of July as the third most boring holiday.

In my list of most boring holidays, 4th of July ranks at number 3.  However it could have great potential if the laws in Pennsylvania did not prohibit good fireworks. No matter how flashy your firework stands look, we all know that all that can be sold in PA are stupid little fountains, smoke balls, stuff that makes really loud noises, flashy white things that burn your eyes from the inside out, and the white balls that you throw and pop on the ground. Boring.

Now I’m sure many others would disagree with me, as the Fourth of July, like any Phillies game, is just another excuse to get completely wasted. Not exactly my idea of fun but I’m sure it is for a lot of other people.  The only plus side to July 4th is that it’s during the summer, so you can swim and have a barbeque (which makes it slightly better than Easter).

But even so, with that, in PA all you can legally do is swim, eat, and light crappy little fireworks in the street while being attacked to death by mosquitos. Oh, and I think everyone else in the world knows someone who goes and buys real good fireworks except for me. And whenever I go and try to track down where they’re lighting off good fireworks, I can’t.

However, at least the holiday is meant to celebrate something meaningful, unlike New Years. What a waste that is.  I’ll get to that later.

Verizon iPhone 4, No more unlimited data.

With all of the iPhone 4 hype going on, I decided to go around the internet and check out if anything involving an arrival on the Verizon network had popped up anywhere.  Well apparently the rumors are more certain than ever this time around that Verizon will have the new iPhone by the end of this year or before June of 2011. This was great news, but it came with a bad side note.

Verizon will be doing away with the unlimited data plans they have now.

Right now, I’m sporting the Motorola Droid from Verizon.  Because I’m paying the $30/month unlimited data plan, I make sure that I’m getting my money’s worth.  I’m always streaming YouTube, browsing Facebook, sending e-Mail, using the GPS feature (which I believe has to download map data while you’re driving), along with using many different apps that require data.  With the new 4G network that Verizon is working on, they want to do away with the unlimited plans and go by a “pay for what you use” system.  They claim that this allows people who use less data will pay less money per month.

To me, this makes no sense. If you have a smartphone, why the hell wouldn’t you be using a good amount of data?

Once this happens, I’m almost certain that every person who has a smartphone will be hesitant on doing anything with it, to the point where they won’t need them anymore and will start returning them for regular cell phones.  The whole idea behind the smartphone was to be able to turn it on and get access to anything you want. The unlimited data plan was the comfort blanket behind that, knowing that no matter what you pull from your phone, you’re only paying the flat rate and nothing more.  People aren’t going to want to use them and find that they have a bill that cost more than $30 for data in a month.

They can keep installing this brand new 4G network, but it’s not going to get much use if they stay on track with eliminating the unlimited data plan.

So much for me wanting the new iPhone.